School Supplies

Deadline to order school supplies is JUNE 14.

Don't forget to order your school supplies for next school year! Due to the current school closures orders can only be placed online.  Order School Supply Pack and enter the school code GLE000 (3 letters, 3 numbers). Supplies will be delivered to your student's classroom before the first day of school! (If At Home Learning continues in the fall, you will be able to collect your child's supplies to use at home.) The deadline to purchase is JUNE 14.

Please be assured that the Gleason administration has thoughtfully considered the requested supplies for next year and the PTO has worked extensively with EPI to ensure that the supply packs are the best possible value. School supply sales are NOT a fundraiser for the PTO, the Gleason PTO makes zero profit on all sales. School supply sales and deliveries are a service provided to the parents of Gleason for their convenience.

Currently there are no plans to sell additional supply packs at Tiger Express. As of now, the only way to ensure the purchase of a supply pack is to order online by JUNE 14. 

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